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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Growing Caption

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Sissy tampons

Shemale whore

hypnosis side effects

Hormones for sissy

Goth Slave

Feminization potion

Biker's bitch

Friday, March 16, 2012

Saint Patrick’s Day

Jack hates his life. Today is Saint Patrick’s Day and normally I never celebrate holidays but something happened.  My sister, Jill, and her friend, Jane, said came into my room and said, “I am tired of you never having any fun so for now on you will be celebrating every holiday with me the exactly the way I tell you to. This time Jane and I will get you ready to party.” Jake now Jacky is holding tight to Jill and Jane scared to death that he was dressed as a girl. They put him in a padded bra, Green T-shirth, green clover knee highs, brown wig, and then shaved his legs and put him in a white skirt.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

sissy orders #1

You are such a sissy. You looking my trans gender captions and jerking of to them. Your are such a sissy. Well if you don’t want any thing else then you will do as I say sissy. 1. I want you to jerk of to one of the captions on my blog. I can’t believe how much of a sissy you are. I will give you a new sissy order later but for now start jerking.

news paper club

drama class make over

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Tim thought that it was strange that his new girlfriend Jill tested him taxted him and said, “ come into the girls dressing room I want you to see me in my costume for the school play. Don’t worry about other girls seeing you everyone else in the drama class left 30 minutes ago.” Tim thought it sounded strange but he has  wondered if the girls  dressing room was nicer than the boy, so he texted back, “OK.” As he walked he was jumped by five girls. Catching him un prepared  they had no problem forcing him to the back of the room where all the other girls from the drama class were waiting for him. He didn’t need to ask what they were doing he new what was happening. Each year the girls in the drama class pick one boy to give a makeover, but Tim never thought that it would be him. Without saying anything to Tim the girls forced him into a corset and tank top then they put bright pink blush on him. They then all took out there phones and started taking pictures of him. As soon a the last girl took her photo they let go of him. Jill came to the front of the group and said “Now Tim we have let you go but before you leave you need to know that we are going to send the pictures that we tuck to every body in the school. If you stay were you are and do as we say we will all have lots of fun and no one will ever see any of the photos that we take of you and we will never tell anyone about anything that happens today. It is your choice leave and become a school wide joke or stay and be our play thing for the rest of the night.  Tim new he had no choice and that he had no hope of being saved. He told his roommate that he was going on a date with Jill when he was finished with classes and that he wouldn't be back till late. He now only had on option, so he said ”OK.” The first thing thing the girls did was have him strip down till he only had on his boxers and then they forced him to pick a pair of panties to where. He picked a pink pair of panties that had because they had no lace on them. They first maid him into a modern girl with a padded bra girls T-shirt tight pants and a simple makeover and finished by styling his hair. Then they had him strip down to his panties and started again this time they sued a corset and  turned him into a prima ballerina. Next they went to whole nine yards and made him into a authentic looking Victorian lady with every layer that was worn at that time and was given a Victorian wig. Thin Tim became a geisha and had a new wig on. Then he became a sexy cowgirl fallowed by a cheerleader then he was turned into a Asian school girl after that it was playboy bunny. This went on from 6:30 when they garbed him till 12:30 and every now and then a girl would take a picture with him or of him. when the campus security guard came around at 12:10 they told him that the dram class was working on costumes for the upcoming play  and he left.  “Good job Tim, we are nearly done and you haven’t given us many problems” Jill said. “Now we ne to end this tradition they same way that we end it every year. You need to get  into this closet while we change we will tell you when you can come out. Tim it’s time to come out.”  “What do you think don’t we look great?” Every girl was wearing nothing but leather. “ This is how we end our doll session each time we do it. The boy we pick is made into a girl many times over and that is great and all but you are still a boy that looks like a girl so how we fix that is with this. This is a a vibrating strap on  attached to an easy to remove belt. You can leave but then every photo will be out  there for every one on campus to see. What we are going to do is fuck your ass one at a time never taking out the strap on only changing who is wearing the strap we each get a full minute with you then then next girl gets to ride you however she wants.  If you last through all 20 of us without  cumming then you can fuck each of us once any time you want but if  not and you do cum we are going to finish fucking you and then do this again next month. So, what do you say are you in or out?” 20 minutes later their are only four girl left but Tim is hurting. ”Only four more and then I can have all of them but it hurts so much. It feels like my dick is going to explode form all the cum in it but I cant cum this far to release now, but it ah ah ah...”
One month later they all came together again and had even more fun than last time. Jill never did tell Tim that in ten years no man has ever lasted past 18 but he don't need to know that.