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Monday, April 29, 2013

I Don't Like It Any More! Help for guys.

Now I wan't to give every man who reads this blog a free gift something that can change your sex life. 
I am going to tell you where the G-spot is. And yes the is a universal truth. 

This diagram is has many important  features illustrated but we only care about one. 

The Vagina. 

Most men make the mistake of pushing their dick as deep as they can and that is it.
Men only need about three inches to get the job done. When most men thrust they
art trying to hit bottom but they should be reaching for the walls. 

Think of it like this.
 If you put your hand together and made a circle then slid
your friend slide a sausage through the hole you might not 
even feel it. This is just like the Vagina if you don't hit the 
sides then she might not feel a thing and that is when we like
to ask guys, "are you in yet?"

"But XYtoXX my dick isn't very thick what can I do?"
Well I'm going to tell you even a fat cock has problems
with this the trick is knowing how to use what God 
gave you inside of what God gave her. 

You need to thrust in and up. You want to rube across the top wall
or the wall of the Vagina that is closest to the stomach.  This area is 
the most sensitive and is the G-Spot that so many look for and never find. 

You can hit this spot in most positions with a little effort to change it up. 
Missionary Style is great if is done right, this is not being done right.
When he thrusts he is going to be hitting air and she will probably fake 
and orgasm to make him feel good.  

Now lets see it done better. 
With her ass elevated you will now be able to hit her G-Spot and 
drive her wild and in this style you can use your hands to LIGHTLY
pin down her wrists and it does make a difference to act a little dommanat
when your in the sack.   Don't by the silly triangle sex pillow just use a 
pillow under her lower back.  

I know this will help you if you every get a girl into bed. 

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alexis michelle said...

I like this......very well done and quite informative for those who will take the time to read it.