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Magic candle light date, Day One

Ahh ah. Why can’t I learn to think before I speak. I meant nothing by it, I was only trying to be nice. Jack was with his long time friend Sara, she was the 22 year old shop keeper at a charms and spell shop and of course she was a real witch. They were talking like they normally do when she said that she wished that she could fined someone willing to be her brothers date to the school dance. Jack wanted to sound supportive so he said, “I wish their was a way that I could help him.” The moment that he said that she said, “I was hoping that you would be WILLING to help him Jake.” Then she suddenly pulled on his hair and pull out a hair then she lit a candle on the candle stand next to her and doped his hair into the flame. As the flame burned his hair he fell to the floor in pain it wasn’t bad but it was shocking. He had never felt a pain as strange as this. It felt as if the bones them selves were in pain and were stretching, bending and being compressed into new shapes. Then as quickly as the pain started it stop. I started looking around and found Sara looking at me and smiling then she said, “I’m so glad that it worked, I have never tried that spell before.” “Wait, I said, you cast a spell on me, I thought that you said you would never do that to me. What did the spell do to me anyway” Sara responded simply, “Why don’t you look in the mirror and see for yourself.” 

"What the hell did you do to me, I'm a girl?" "I fulfilled your wish, Sara said, aren't you happy now you can help my brother." "I don't want to go on a date with your brother. I'm not gay and neither is he how could we go to his dance together and how could you do this to me?" I should have known better than to talk like that with her she takes every thing to seriously.  "I would like to help your brother but not like this change me back now?" "Two things, Sara said, I know that this is the only way to find a girl who will go out with him and two I can't change you back." "Wait, I said, what do you mean that you cant change me back am I stuck like this forever." "What do mean by that, Sara said, it isn't a bad being a girl." "No that isn't what I meant, I needed to think quickly or I would get Sara mad at me, I think girls are great but I'm a guy and I only want to be a guy." "I understand what you mean Jake, Sara said, but you don't need to worry you aren't stuck like that for ever. When I said that I can't change you back I meant it but you see the candle burning hear."

"Yes I see the candle, you dropped some of my hair into the flame didn't you?" "Yes I did burn your hair in the candles flame, Sara said, that is very observant of you.  You see this candle is infused with a spell, burn the hair of any person in the flame and it will change their gender. Its a great spell to use if you need to hide for a couple of days or if you wan't to spy on a friend without them knowing. So long as the candle burns you will be a girl." "If I'm a girl as long as the candle burns then I will just snuff it out and I will change back," I  said as I reached to put it out. "NO, don't put it out, Sara Screamed" "What, why not, I asked?"  "If you put it out then you will never change back to a boy, she said. You need to let the candle burn itself out and then you will change back." "Okay, I said, that won't be to bad it wont last to long maybe five hours, or six at the most." "Sorry Jake, but it's a magic candle and it's going to burn for three full days." "What, I can't be a girl for three full day's what if I let somebody know that I'm really Jake I will never live it down and I can't go back to my apartment looking like this if anybody see a girl going in and out of my apartment for three days they will get the wrong idea." "Don't worry about that Jack," Sara said, "I will let you stay with at my apartment and you can barrow some of my clothes because I know that you don't have any girls clothes of your own to wear except for the clothes that the candle changed and also I think that we should call you Jackie while your girl." I thought about it for a little while, living with the girl that I have been trying to hook up with would be great so what could I say other than, "thank you." Later that day I wen't home with her and found than her place looked totally normal and nothing like what I would think the home of a witch would look like. As soon as we walked in she rushed me to the shower and said get your self washed off there is a lot to do before your date tomorrow. I had a hard time taking a shower as a attractive girl I felt like I was watching porn but I wasn't and it didn't seam right to play with myself while I'm like this but I was getting excited. 

 I stepped out and my clothes were missing so I wrapped my waist in a towel and wen't out. "Sara, have you seen my clothes their missing." "No they aren't missing I tuck them so that we could get started with your lesions on how to be a girl. I will start with lesion one right now, never leave the shower without covering up your breasts." "Oh I'm sorry don't look, I forgot I was a girl." "That's funny seeing you embarrassed like that. It isn't a big deal because were both girl now but you need to be more careful in the future. While your uncovered take this and measure your bust size so we can pick a bra that fits you.  

I fumbled with the tape measure for a while trying to find the right part to measure at and to keep it from slipping down. After fumbling with it for a few minutes Sara came over and said, "let me help you with that." Before I knew what was happening she had both of my breasts in her hands and was squeezing them and it made me excited.  And I was starting to like it. 

"What is that? Is that a smile, why don't you tell me your a lesbian Jackie." "Hey, I'm not a lesbian, wait I mean I am but I'm not I'm a guy but I ... what it is .. I like girls but I'm not..." "Don't worry about it I was only making a joke now lets get you dressed for bed it has been a long day." Before long i was dressed and ready for bed. "Hey Jackie, stop playing with your lingerie." 

Laying in bed I started thinking about what had happened and what was going to happen tomorrow. Tomorrow I'm going with Sara's brother, Tommy, to prom. It is going to be strange going to prom as a girl when I didn't even go to my prom when I was in high school. As I thought about it I slowly slipped into sleep, and so ended day one. 

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I look forward to seeing more of this story when you write it. So far it is interesting.